Freehabbing ®

Freehabbing ®


Make equity profits rehabbing real estate without spending your own money. Creating the most value with the least capital.



Whether you’re building a commercial structure or simply fixing up a house, the same process should apply; and knowing it can help you save time and achieve the best value for your money. In this course, IU President and award-winning real estate developer, Ian Parrish, will teach you proper methods for real estate renovation – from cost estimation, to selecting contractors, to project management, to green building and major money-saving tips. Most importantly, you’ll get answers to overcome the two biggest problems real estate rehabbers face: How to fund the acquisition and renovation of your next project. The answer is what Ian calls “Freehabbing®“.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  •   Funding Strategies for Your Next Rehab. Project
  •   How to Estimate Construction Costs
  •   Project Management Skills to Cut Costs and Save Time
  •   Energy-Saving Green Building Techniques
  •   Major Money-Saving Tax Tips for Renovators

Includes essential forms, templates, and sample contracts.

Special Bonus Material:

Included with this course is Ian’s Specifications and Project Manual or “Spec’s Book”, a complete set of building standards, plus customizable “cut sheets” of pre-selected materials in an industry-standard format. An essential tool of real estate rehabbers and developers, the Spec’s Book will allow you to collect apples-to-apples bids from contractors, ensure quality work, promote timely performance, save time, and increase profit on projects large and small. Developed at a cost of thousands of dollars, your customizable Spec’s Book is included with this course at no extra cost.


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